110 ton, 6.5 oz. 2017 Arburg Allrounder 1200 T 1000 - 400 Injection Molding Machine

110 ton, 6.5 oz. 2017 Arburg Allrounder 1200 T 1000 - 400 Injection Molding Machine

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Includes: (4) freely programmable inputs/outputs on terminal strips on PCB, (12) electrical heating control circuits for mold heating, all 12 mold heating zones routed to the upper platen, non operator side, Two sets of male Harting plugs for mold heating circuits, Interface for temperature control units for mold, Interface for robot system for station 2, Interface 1 for container changer, Interface for coloring / dosage device, Interface and power supply (230V) for an external conveyer belt. | Equipped with: Special model rotary table with shortened machine base in the operator area, Vertical and Horizontal light Curtain, SPI clamping platen set with central injection position, 4" centering bore, mounting platen bores in SPI, 2-station rotary table alternating 180 deg. forwards/backwards with servo-electric rotary drive and hydraulic fixing pin, Vertically arranged injection, Centrally applied fully hydraulic 4-tie bar clamping system, clamping vertically downwards | Includes: MULTILIFT V Cantilever Robot system adapted and prepared to rotary table machine with pneumatic valves, B-axis with servo-electric drive, Z-Axis Stroke extended to 3600mm, X-Axis Stroke extended to 600mm, Y-Axis stoke extended to is 1000mm


ModelAllrounder 1200 T 1000 - 400
Stock Number12697
US Tonnage110
Shot Size (oz.)6.5
Screw Diameter40
Mold Height454mm
Max. Stroke Volume201
Remaining Open Stroke146mm
ControlSELOGICA with 15" display
Table Diameter47.24"
Table Height1000mm from the ground